Most people are easily able to access our resources without a problem. However, we have had some isolated reports of bugs. Here are some suggestions if you are experiencing problems:

  • USE A MODERN WEB BROWSER - We recommend using Google Chrome which is available here for free. If you are on mobile, we also recommend that you get the Chrome iOS or Android App. You can find other good browsers at Browser Happy.

  • UPDATE YOUR WEB BROWSER - This is a good thing for you to do regardless. This prevents tons of security risks and often helps performance. Browser Happy can help you with that, too.

  • ALLOW MIXED CONTENT (aka Unsafe Scripts) - Browsers tend not to like when you visit an HTTPS (s for secure) website and there is content pulling from HTTP (less secure) websites. We cannot control the security of our embeds from Office Online and other sources but we assure you they are completely safe. Here is a good tutorial for doing all of this in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

  • RELOAD A FRAME - If part of the page (usually the main part like the calculator or timer) is not loading but the surrounding areas like the header, sidebar, and footer are loading, you can refresh part of the frame. In most browsers, right-click the affected area and click "Refresh Frame" or "Reload Frame." This will force the browser to reload just the problem area.

  • ZOOM IN/OUT - This may seem obvious but some of our content looks better when a browser is resized. We design and test everything on a large Windows 10 laptop or a Macbook but your display size may differ. To zoom in press Control + or Command + and to zoom out, Control - or Command -.

  • DESKTOP VERSION - If you are on a phone or tablet, consider viewing the webpage as desktop. This will show you what the site looks like on a computer.

  • OPEN FRAMES EXTERNALLY - Almost everything on our site is an iFrame embed meaning that we published it on an external site and embedded it into ours. The calculator, PDFs, the timer, Google Drive files, and some others can all be opened in external windows. Just look for the appropriate icon or menu option.

If all else fails, or if you were too lazy to read all of that and just skipped to the bottom, contact us (with the form below) and we can surely help you! If you do have a technical question, including your operating system, browser, and address of the page you are referring will help us respond faster.